Shogun’s restaurant menus were designed in red, black and beige, along with a traditional bookbinding style, matching their Oriental interior decoration

Handmade menu covers made with durable, wáter resistant and easy to clean material.

About Shogun

Shogun, a japonese restaurant in Palma, has been serving original, authentic Japanese cuisine to its varied clientele for more almost 30 years. They offer an extensive menu which offers fresh, natural traditional delicacies such as ‘Sushi’, ‘Sashimi’ and ‘Sukiyaki’ created expertly by Japanese Chef Hayashi and his assistants.

Shogun restaurant was created by a Japanese architect who followed the designs of a palace in Japan, while the furniture was locally made according to typical Oriental specifications. The restaurant is elegantly decorated with many touches of Japan.

Do you like japonese cuisine or you don´t know it yet? Visit them, they have an excellent overview in TripAdvisor and will be glad to welcome you:

Carrer de Camilo José Cela 14
Palma de Mallorca